A. Beltrán

A. Beltrán

Universitat Jaume I


He has been a university professor since 1988. He is currently the academic head of the Degree in Computational Mathematics, and in particular, he is responsible for the subject “Abstract Algebra”, in the third year of this degree. He has taught around 40 subjects in the first and second cycle in 16 different degrees, as well as several official postgraduate courses: “Computational Algebra” and “Formal Languages ​​and Theory of Automata” in the Master in Computational Mathematics, since his implementation in 2006 until 2014. He coordinated the Specialty of Mathematics in the Master in Training of the Teacher of Secondary Education and Baccalaureate since it was created, during the academic courses 2009-2014. He is currently continuing to teach the subjects in this Master ”

His research activity revolves around the “Abstract Theory of Finite Groups”, the “Theory of Representations”, ordinary and modular, and the “Theory of Characters”. For more than 25 years he has focused his research on the study of Conjugation Classes and the Characteristics of Finite Groups, and on the interrelation with the arithmetic and structural properties (resolvability, nilpotency and simplicity) of groups and other aspects of Group theory (computational, element orders, Sylow and Hall subgroups, p-groups, coprimera action, etc.). He received his doctorate in CC Mathematics from the University of Valencia in 1997. He is the author of more than 70 international scientific publications (222 citations by 75 authors according to the database: Masthcinet,Scopus with an h-index of 9), more than 65 of which are indexed scientific articles (JCR), as well as several chapters of scientific books published by renowned publishers, such as Cambridge University Press and Revista Matemàtica Iberoamericana. His research career is backed by four recognized years of research.

He has been the director of the research group “Finite Groups” for 6 years within the IMAC (Institute of Mathematics and Applications of Castellón) of which he is a founding member, and regularly collaborates with research groups with a proven track record of the Universities. of Valencia and Polytechnic of Valencia, as an external collaborator of the IUMPA as well as with a large number of foreign researchers (USA, Germany, Russia, England, China, Iran, etc.). He has disseminated his advances in Group Theory in numerous (more than 50) guest forums, congresses and conferences, national and international, and in prestigious research centers. He regularly collaborates with the editorial boards of Mathematical Reviews by the American Mathematical Society , and Zentralblatt für Mathematik by the European Mathematical Society , with more than 110 reviews. He has also been an external evaluator of Spanish and foreign doctoral theses. As a scientific manager, it should be noted that he has been an evaluator of ANECA since 2014.

He has directed a doctoral thesis in an external program with honors (2011), another in an international doctorate (2018) at the UJI with an extraordinary doctorate award and more than 30 theses and final master’s theses, works of final degree, and works of investigation (DEA, Diploma of Advanced Studies) in different masters and doctoral programs. He has directed several FPI predoctoral fellows (FPU fellowship stays), Spanish and foreign doctoral and postdoctoral fellows (Iran, China), etc. He has participated in about twenty Research Projects and among them, he has directed 6: Research Projects of the Ministry, of the Generalitat Valenciana (among which, there are two “PROMETEO” projects of research excellence, corresponding to 2011-2018), and two projects of the revitalization program, as well as several UJI-funded competitive projects, most recently awarded in 2019. He is currently participating in a national project, a GV AICO project, and a Chinese government-funded National Nature Science Fund project.

He has led a GIE (educational research group) at the UJI, ” Educational Research in the Teaching of Algebra and Geometry” for 8 years. He has participated in numerous teaching conferences and advanced training courses, both pedagogical and didactic as well as languages ​​(official accreditation of a C2 in Catalan and a B2 in English, among other languages) and new technologies and methodologies applied to teaching. He has directed 11 educational innovation projects and participated in more than 25. He is the author of more than 20 teaching publications, of which 8 are books and book chapters. He has been teaching for five years and has obtained an uninterrupted grade of Excellent in the DOCENTIA-UJI model, certified by the Valencian Agency for Evaluation and Prospective, since the UJI applied this evaluation model (2011), and a Outstanding qualification since the modification of the Regulations for the Evaluation of the DOCENTIA-UJI program in 2020.







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